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By host on 4/15/2014 10:01 AM
It is no coincidence that online companies want to do whatever they can to make same-day delivery work. It is a service that is premium right now, however, it is in hot pursuit by e-retailers to make it an every day part of the way we do business. This is true for not just general merchandise, like electronic gadgets and clothing, but also for groceries. Yes, there is a growing demand for the convenience of having your own personal groceries delivered to your front door. You can ask Instacart.
By host on 4/11/2014 8:32 AM
In the food industry, there has been an increasing amount of interest in delivery of groceries. It has been the type of service where retailers want it to work, yet really find themselves not getting a sure handle on what will work. Many have tried in the past, yet for a variety of reasons, have failed. It is no coincidence that in spite of all the past shortfalls, investors are still extending venture capital to companies that feel they have found a way to profitably deliver groceries.
By host on 3/25/2014 8:12 AM
No matter who you are, every company needs a viable delivery network to be successful in the online industry. This even includes retail giant Amazon. Amazon did well with their sales, for example, during last year’s Christmas shopping season. However, what really soured the effectiveness and overall profit was its’ delivery system to handle the order volume. Its’ primary carrier was UPS, which Amazon has decided to not partner with in 2014. Now the question is how can Amazon put together a delivery system that works?
By host on 3/17/2014 9:13 AM
There has been wide discussion about the use of drones commercially. This has been something that for some years has been in the spotlight. However, it really hasn’t been at its’ highest consideration until Amazon stepped on the scene. The web-based retailer announced late last year that it was serious about drone use for same-day delivery. The core issue was commercial drone use being legal and the red tape that comes along with that. The question has now been answered.
By host on 3/11/2014 8:53 AM
There is no coincidence that as retailers see the impact of e-commerce on sales, they are tending to gravitate to engaging more into it. Online retail grew by 17% last year overall and the statistics for a number of companies show that it is paying off. You can ask shoe manufacturer Skechers about how online retail is improving their sales and the company would agree that e-commerce is a vital key to having good sales numbers. Skechers online sales have increased and it will probably only get better for the retailer.
By host on 2/25/2014 8:26 AM
People all over the globe are not just involved in e-commerce any longer. With a 16% annual growth, online business has taken it further then that in recent years. Now, a recent report shows that what is beginning to thrive is m-commerce. This is mobile commerce, which technology growth with gadgets like tablets and smartphones, have aided this movement into occurring at a faster pace than ever before.
By host on 2/17/2014 11:28 AM
Wal-Mart is one of the biggest competitors to Amazon when it comes to same-day grocery delivery. Both of the retail giants are making a number of chess moves to be implement an effective and attractive service that shoppers will begin to use more. Amazon just launched the service in San Francisco in December, adding to its' Seattle and Los Angeles locations. Wal-Mart has taken notice and appears it was time to make their move and begin testing same-day grocery delivery in another city of its' own.
By host on 2/10/2014 10:57 AM
Car builders have come a long way in the recent decade, releasing vehicles that are superior when it comes to protecting the environment and gas usage. From small vehicles to even trucks, fuel economy and environmental safety has become factors in the decision-making process for buying a vehicle. This is true not only with individuals, but also daily business operating vehicles and large corporate vehicle delivery fleets
By host on 2/4/2014 10:36 AM
E-commerce is affecting the way we do business because it is being driven by consumers that are changing the way they shop. Online retail is growing at an average of over 16% annually and is not slowing down. Retail chains are taking notice, which it was very evident at this year’s National Retail Federation Conference. They can’t do business as they have done in the past any longer.
By host on 1/27/2014 2:05 PM
One of the greatest competitors in the online retail game is eBay, which is doing well in the US. However, it has its’ sights on expanding beyond the US into other countries. One proof of this is its’ recent acquisition of Shutl, a same-day courier company it now possesses to use to make deliveries in London. This is what eBay is after. The online retail giant knows the secret to succeeding in e-commerce is not just having great online sales, but the delivery system to match.

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