Courier Affiliate Program

Win-Win Courier

We're looking for a few good business courier affiliates in each top 50 major metropolitan area who share our forward thinking, dedication to on-demand courier service, and solid business principles. We want to team up with people and companies that possess similar objectives and whose strength, strategy and vision when joined with 1-800Courier, will forge a powerful winning combination.

The World Wide Web is completely changing the way business is conducted. By partnering with, you'll gain the use of our advanced technology as well as a staff with the experience necessary to prosper in the new 21st century economy.

Whether you are a small local courier service or a regional courier, you can become part of an innovative, growing team. Join our network today and we can immediately add to your existing business. In some cities, the impact to sales can be substantial. We started in May of 2005 and are currently experiencing in excess of 10% growth a month.

There is strength in numbers... offers the same day national courier customer a nationwide footprint with the personal service that only smaller and medium courier companies can provide. We are adding value to our service by recruiting local courier companies, with involved small business owners, who insure that superior service is provided repeatedly on every delivery. With our team couriers as the affiliate, we are providing the cutting-edge nationwide courier internet portal:

  • QuickQuote- Instant Nationwide Zip to Zip Pricing for Bikes to 24ft Straight Trucks
  • 1-800Courier jobs are conveniently posted to our affiliates through the 1-800Courier web page
  • Superior Internet Marketing
  • One Stop National Accounts Service
  • 1-800Courier Customers Rewards Program
  • On Line Instant Ordering and Account Set-up with Credit Cards
  • Email Proof of Deliveries

We encourage you to join us. Together we can develop the premier nationwide same-day logistics team and in doing so set a precedence as the first choice affiliate. Together we can control our destiny and the marketplace. If you are interested in a partnership with AQuickDelivery and becoming a Platinum affiliate by providing the following the service guidelines:

  • Provide 95% On-Time Delivery
  • Provide a competitive per mile rate structure (MapPoint Miles) for the services you provide.
  • Maintain Adequate Commercial Liability & Cargo Insurance
  • Access and Receive Orders on our 1-800Courier Affiliate Order Post
  • Provide Order Receipt and Confirmation within 5 minutes via Affiliate Order Posting Page or emial
  • Provide Pick-Up confirmation within 5 minutes via email or Affiliate Order Posting Page or email
  • Provide Proof of Delivery confirmation within 5 minutes via email or Affiliate Order Posting Page or email.
  • Provide accessorial charges before the ticket is closed out so that we can settle with our customer's upon delivery of Proof of Delivery
  • Sign a non-solicitation agreement of customers.
  • Accept settlement and final pricing by 3PM next business day based upon the per mile rate you provide.
  • Establish a reciprocal link on your web site.

For our affiliates who agree to and attain Platinum Status:

  • 1-800Courier will direct business to those affiliates who provide the highest level of service. We strive to have as few affiliates as possible in each city contingent upon their capacity to handle order flows.
  • 1-800Courier is not your competition. We will not open an office in you city. We just are really good at marketing, internet placement and internet order fulfillment. We take care of all the call center and billing hassles. You, the courier, are left with concentrating on what you do best; deliveries.
  • Since the majority of our customers set up accounts with Credit Cards, you will not have to wait to get paid. 1-800Courier reverse invoices, and sends out settlement checks twice a month to our Platinum affiliate.
  • Our Platinum affiliate will get both on-demand and daily scheduled runs.
  • Refer us nationwide customers and receive an on going monthly commission.