Routing and Re-Routing

1-800 Courier may re-route packages/shipments when the sender authorizes the re-route. A re-route is a request to change a delivery address from what was originally requested. Specifically, a re-route is:

  • A change from one street address to another in the same city/state.
  • A change from "Hold For Pick-Up" to a request for "Delivery".
  • A change from delivery instructions to a request for "Hold For Pick-Up".
  • A change from one "Hold For Pick-Up" to another in the same city/state.

We will determine the routing of all packages/shipments, including the mode of transportation used - air, ground or any combination thereof - in providing our services. We reserve the right to divert any package/shipment (including the use of other carriers) in order to facilitate its delivery.

Re-Routing Terms

  1. An additional fee will be billed to the account number specified for each re-routed package/shipment. This will not apply when a package intended for delivery is changed to "Hold For Pick-Up".
  2. To re-route a package/shipment, the sender must call and provide us with the 1-800 Courier tracking number.
  3. If a recipient calls to re-route a package/shipment, they must provide us with the applicable 1-800 Courier tracking number. We may, at our option, require the shipper to authorize and approve the re-routing.
  4. If the sender calls to re-route a shipment, the sender must provide us with the new destination address for the package, including a valid contact phone number for the recipient.
  5. We will attempt to honor the new delivery request, but our verification and handling procedures may result in delays. Our Guarantee Policy does not apply to shipments that are re-routed.
  6. Only ONE re-route will be allowed per package/shipment.
  7. We may require photo identification of the person authorized to pick up the package/shipment.